Registration closes on June 30 2024


Before filling out the form, please read the following information:

  1. If the rider of a 1920 motorcycle requests to ride with a friend who rides a 1943 motorcycle, the 1920 motorcycle will back up and have a number that corresponds to that of the 1943 motorcycle. ‘a motorcycle from 1940, requests to ride with a friend who drives a motorcycle from 1920, but that he did not ask to ride with this motorcycle driver from 1940, they will not ride together. The motorcycle of 1920 will have a small number while that of 1940 will have a higher number.
  2. Before saying who you want to ride with and who you want to share the room with, think carefully and chat with your friends, it’s in everyone’s interest. The person you are talking about may not be participating or may have already signed up with someone else.
  3. Registration after the deadline, that is after June 30: in this case, all reservations may not be taken into account and prices may be increased.

FORM 2024