The “Liège-Nancy-Liège asbl”, in collaboration with the cities of Liege and Nancy, organize, in conformity with the present rules, an international competition for motorcycles built
before 1945, named :

Class 1 :Those built before 31.12.1914 and those with at least one automatic valve and/or without clutch and/or without gear-box and this till 31.12.1925
Class 2 : Those built from 01.01.1915 till 31.12.1923 or belt driven (secondary transmission) until 31.12.1930
Class 3 :Those built from 01.01.1924 until 31.12.1928
Class 4 :Those built from 01.01.1929 until 31.12.1933
Class 5 :Those built from 01.01.1934 until 31.12.1945
Class 6 :Those built after special contracts between the factory and the army, used as such by a nation in war till 1945 and painted in original military color.
              Remark : a military bike is allowed to take its inscription in its age class.
              Military dress is not allowed.
Class7:The side-cars built before 1945
            Remark : a side-car is allowed to take its inscription in its age class.
Class 8 :The pilots being 60 years old and more, using a bike built between 01.01.1946 and 31.12.1960, excluding all the Japanese one.

a) the competition will take place only during the day and will involve about 650km, to cover from time control to time control, with a mean speed of 36km/h.
b) the itinerary will be secret, excepting time controls. The Road-book will be given at the start.
c) the different road-book models can be found on the registration form.
d) At each time check, a flag indicates the place where the counter must be reset to zero
e) you may have a special control. It will penalize as foreseen in alt. 17i.
f) in order to decide between competitors of equal merit, secret controls can be organized within the first 7 km after a time control.
The time realized must correspond to a speed of 36km/h. So to pass with 0 point of penality, a competitor who is checked off at the start at 10h00’40″ should pass at 5,2km at 10h 09’20″ .
g) If it happened that the time of passage to a CS is earlier than the time of the previous CH, this would result in the penalty provided for in article 17 / c …

a) the engagement form must be sent back at the latest on the foreseen date at the timing . The engagement will be confirmed as foreseen in the timing.
c) the competitors may take their engagement in groups of 2 or 4 bikes maximum without regarding to the class. The start will be given in regard of the class of the youngest.
d) the organization may refuse an engagement without having to give reasons for the refusal.
e) the organizer will not take into account the incomplete engagements and those not complying to the rules.
f) the organization may close the engagement earlier as foreseen. The post-mark is determinant.

These costs cover the Civil Liability Insurance, only for the duration of the rally, the participation to the final ceremony and the keepsake plate, the arrowed way, the sweep-up truck and the minibus.

On the day, hour and place fixed in the “timing” of present regulation, the competitors have to show:
a) Following documents:
– national or international driving licence bikes;
– international insurance card (green card);
– registration certificate of the vehicle.
b) The vehicle for technical control of conformity:
The technical committee in charge of the control will carefully scrutinize all the vehicles. The target of this is to verify the general authenticity of the presented vehicle exception made for the accessories proper to the competition. If the committee finds flagrant conformity deficiency, it will penalize the litigious vehicle as foreseen in art 17g.
If it is completely impossible, these verifications can be made on the day of departure, by opening of the closing park.

Art. 7 : TIME CARD
a) at the start of the rally, each competitor shall be given a Time Card on which the addresses of the time controls as well as the time allowed to cover the distance between two time controls shall appear. The passing controls shall not be mentioned.
The competitor alone is responsible for the presentation of the time card at the different controls and for the accuracy of the entries. A correction or amendment is only authorized by the marshal of the control. He always has to countersign the modifications.
b) the competitors have to see that they are in possession of their own time card. They alone are responsible for any substitution and the consequences of it. Only the time limit on the time card shall be taken in to consideration for the penalties.
c) the penalties are 10.000 points for a lost time card.

a) the organizing Committee shall supply each competitor with two self-adhesive competition numbers. One of these will take place on the front of the vehicle, the other one on the right back side. The competitor must provide his bike with two rigid holders able to receive the numbers. If not, the penalties shall be as in Art. 17h.

b) the competitors have to carry the shoulder number provided.
c) the numbers shall be assigned starting with the oldest bike. Number 13 shall not be assigned. The groups ( art. 4c) will be composed in the competition interest.
d) by renunciation or exclusion, the competitors have to remove the numbers. They also have to do it by their arrival and give back their shoulder number.
e) the competitors are strictly forbidden from inverting the numbers under any pretext whatever on pain of exclusion.
f) it is forbidden, on pain of exclusion, to mask the security surfaces, such as lights, registration numbers, etc… (art. 18d)
a) the insurance, the organizers have arranged, guarantees the Civil Liability of the competitors as will as the passenger of the motor bike with side-car with regard to third party. It covers the physical and material damages without restriction of amount. The insurance covers them only for the duration of the trial, it means that it covers the city trip on Friday and the way to Nancy and back to Liege and ceases with disqualification or off course or in case that the competitor is leaving the arrowed way, except to refuel or to have his motorcycle repaired..
b) by the fact of his entry, the competitor discharges the organizers and their official agents and each of them in particular of any responsibility about actions, fees, expenses, claims and complaints about mortal wounds or others, coming or resulting of his entry or event participation which result directly or not of negligence or of fault of the organizers in question, their agents or their officials.
c) the participant will sign a waiver linked to point b) above.
d) the insurance contract does not cover legal defence.

a) see timing
b) the competitors will take the start one by one, from 20″” to 20″”, or in whatever order according to the circumstances.

For the timekeepers as well as for the competitors, the official Rally time is the time of the speaking clock of Liege (: 078-051300). But, during the competition, only the time shown by control equipment will be taken into consideration on the start and the arrival, or to penalize possible advance or delay.7


All controls, i.e. passage and time controls, will be indicated by means of the signals 1 and 2 as under mentioned.

a) they shall be red on a white background.
b) at a distance of about 50m’, the position of the control post is indicated by an identical sign, but with the warning 50m’.
c) the position of the passage controls are also indicated with the same sign with the warning 100m’.

a) a competitor entering the control area in any direction other than that of the Rally must imperatively turn back before the control and look for another way to check in the right way.
b) time Control
All the target times are printed on the book.
– if you are in time a seal will be affixed by the controller.
– if you arrive late the Marshal will mark on the time card the real arrival time and stamp it. He will cross out all the following target times and you will start immediately. You must calculate yourself your new target time for next controls;
– you are not authorized to leave a time control before the ideal time;
– you can’t make up for eventual lost time;
– you may not note your time yourself on the book.
c) Passage Control
At these, the marshal just has to check in the card. the competitor shall stop at the control, but doesn’t need to leave his engine.
d) Opening and closing time of the controls
Control posts shall be ready to function 30 minutes before the target time for the passage of the 1st competitor. They will cease to operate 60 minutes after the target time of the last competitor. The Director of Race can change this delay according to circumstances. In case the control marshal is not present, the competitor shall mention this by the next time control. He cannot put this forward to justify a delay. The same for the absence of any signals.
The competitor has to comply with the orders of an official or control marshal. He may not contest the control or discuss.

The organizers may neutralize the event with or without a closed park. At this place, the competitor will receive a new ideal time.

Art. 15 : SECURITY
During the whole competition, the competitors have to bear an approved crash helmet, appropriated shoes or boots.

The competitor has to stay near his vehicle and wait for the sweeper-truck. He will help by the loading and be responsible for the stowing. The sweeper-truck will start and follow the competitor s about 60 minutes after the target time of the last one.
If the competitor doesn’t want to be loaded, he will sign a discharging paper.

a) time control – each minute early
120 points for classes 1-2-3
240 points for classes 4-5-6-7- 9
b) time control – each minute late (also for the start in Liege and Nancy)
60 points for classes 1-2-3
120 points for classes 4-5-6-7- 2
c) for pointing to a secret control before the hour of pointing to the previous Time Control (CH): 1000 points (art.3g)
d) traffic laws 60.000 points – 1st infringement
e) for missing of one time control : 5.000 points
f) for missing the stamp of one passing control : 1.000 points
g) for loss of time card : 10.000 points (art. 7b)
h) for flagrant conformity deficiency : 1.000 points art.6b
i) missing of rigid number holders : 500 points (art. 8a)
j) penalties for secret control : 500 points (art. 3d)
k) non participation in the reception at the Nancy City Hall, if it is planned: 5,000 points
l) leave a Time Control (CH°) early 1000 points

a) traffic laws : 2nd infringement
b) unfair, uncorrect of fraudulent acting
c) for an official report (police) for a serious mistake
d) for masking security surfaces (lights, registration number…) (Art. 8g)
e) for retaining of the infringement book
f) delay of more than 60 minutes on the road section Liege-Nancy or Nancy-Liege
The Director of Race is not able to notify his disqualification to the competitor during the run. The competitor has to work out his check-in time, his passage at all the controls to know his real situation at each moment.

As far as possible, the penalization calculation sheet will be given to the competitor at his arrival in Liege. Half an hour later, it will be considered as agreed to by the competitor.
a) a reward shall be attributed to the winner of the general classification
b) rewards shall be attributed to each class. In each class, the competitor with the lowest total penalties will be proclaimed winner as foreseen in Art. 17.
c) in case competitors tie for the same place the organization will take care of the following points :
1- the lowest penalties for the total of secret controls,(art.3 e)
2- the smallest cubic capacity, it
3- the oldest engine.
d) the “Military Trophy” shall be entrust, for one year, with the best classified Belgian of the class 6.

During the whole trial, the competitors must strictly conform to the rules of circulation in the built up areas. We only received the agreement under these conditions. A special team of officials will keep an eye, and sanctions will be taken against the infringer.
An infringement book will be given to each competitor and he has to give it back upon his arrival in Liege, together with the time card.

Considering the age of the engines, and in a spirit of solidarity, any assistance may be given the whole road along.
Exception : 100m’ on both sides of a control.

By the fact of his entry, any competitor agree with the present regulation without condition. It recognizes as the sole sporting jurisdiction the organizing committee listed on the website under the organizer tab.

a) the Direction of the Course may change this regulation. The modifications will be announced (written) to the competitors and will be an integral part of the present regulation. The competitor may not take into account any instruction given verbally.
The Organizers may cancel the competition in case of circumstances outside one’s control.
b) in case of dispute on the subject of interpretation of the present rules, ONLY